Teltec Partner Program

Become Teltec partner!

As our company continues to expand and the moving picture market changes, we are looking for business partners who can help us expand a unique business model while becoming part of a successful partner network with many benefits. 

Your profile

Ideally, you are already self-employed or have an entrepreneurial background in the moving picture market in the areas of

  • service or maintenance,
  • technical support,
  • rental,
  • system integration and construction,
  • trade and distribution,
  • planning and
  • consulting or as
  • manufacturer


You have your own expertise, which you should not give up in the course of a cooperation with us. Rather, it should be able to be supplemented by our trading business. Preferably, you already have access to customers to whom you can offer the broadest product portfolio of the moving picture market in the future in cooperation with us under the trade brand Teltec® and thus simultaneously present your own business in a more attractive and perceptible way. Or you have a clear idea of how you could operate successfully together with us as a 'lateral entrant'.

We are open to partnerships with market participants from the following areas 

  • security,
  • video conferencing,
  • presentation and
  • event technology.

But also

  • military and police,
  • public and private security, and
  • medical or biomedical engineering.


Our service offer

You benefit from the market position and supplier relationships of our company, which has stood for manufacturer-independent system solutions in the moving image market since 1993. Our product catalog is the only one of its kind in the moving image market and has been an industry reference for many years. With the broadest product and manufacturer portfolio, we represent all well-known manufacturers and the most important brands in the moving image market. Our webshop represents well over 20,000 products from more than 400 well-known manufacturers.

Because we do not exclusively represent any of the brands we sell, we can always provide manufacturer-independent and budget- or task-related advice and offer our customers the right products or system solutions. 


With unique service offerings such as

  • free product protection,
  • unrivalled comprehensive cover
  • payment extension up to 120 days,
  • optimal installment payment
  • individual financing solutions and
  • best price guarantee

we have services that clearly differentiate us from other market providers.


Our established customers include 

  • all public and large private broadcasters as well as their suppliers and service providers,
  • production and post-production companies,
  • news and special interest channels, but recently also more and more radio channels,
  • open channels and regional broadcasters,
  • Video-over-IP and video-on-demand providers,
  • rental houses and
  • the entire moving image producing industry, such as advertisers, gamers, WebTV and smart TV app providers, etc.


Our customers create and edit in the areas of

  • acquisition,
  • production,
  • post-production,
  • archiving and
  • distribution

a wide variety of content.

These include:

  • scenic television and cinema,
  • special effects (SFX) & animation,
  • commercials,
  • documentary,
  • news as well as
  • Live, Internet and video-on-demand broadcasts.


The industry is changing, and so are we

The moving picture industry is becoming more diverse and boundaries to previously separate areas are increasingly disappearing. New consumer behavior is giving rise to new market segments and innovative business models. Previous market structures will change. 

The motto "Move with the times otherwise you are gone with the times" has never been more true than today. For us at Teltec, this means that we have decided to follow this path in community with partners. This results in win-win constellations in many ways. Existing partnerships are already successful and show in practice that it works.


Our partners


A long journey begins with the first step 

f you are interested in working with us, please contact us informally by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will then discuss everything else preferably in a personal meeting. 

We look forward to hearing from you!