Tailored Solutions for all Needs

Flexible financing adapted to your current, individual situation with Teltec.

Teltec will be happy to help you with your request for an individual financial concept to suit your income and liquidity situation.

Teltec offers four financing solutions:

  • Installment Purchase
  • Leasing
  • Long-term or short-term rental with and without purchase option
  • Sale-and-Lease-Back
  • Trade-In


The right choice of Financing

The following tips can help with the decision to lease or finance:

  • Leasing does not burden the bank credit line! This should be kept free for outstanding invoices, wage payments and social security contributions, in case an order does not come through or a customer does not pay.
  • with the leasing calculator, which can be reached via each article view, the monthly costs of the desired equipment can be calculated
  • Further agreements, such as a later start of the installment payment or an adjustment to seasonal fluctuations, are possible 

Teltec Service is happy to help in case of any questions or need of advice!